Bagno Ronchi di Ponente

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At Bagno Ronchi di Ponente, located in the beautiful northwestern part of Versilia, besides the comfort of an always renewed equipment, you will find the immediacy of a familiar facility, able to combine the unfailing quality and courtesy to the resolutions of personalized requests.

In this resort the guests are seen primarily as people and not as mere currency sheets, and that’s because we have privileged the slogan of respect, in the most literal meaning of the term (from latin “respicere”: literally “looking back” – “to observe, to consider”).

The care and the attention to human relationships are the basis of our philosophy, ensuring the maximum respect of privacy.

The close collaboration with many Hotels located in various points of the Riviera of Versilia, allows Bagno Ronchi di Ponente to offer a wide selection for our guests, always providing personalized holidays.

The hot sun, the blue sea and the welcoming of Bagno Ronchi are the right ingredients for your pleasant and deserved relax, in this heavenly triangle called Versilia.